Resistant hypertension


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Hipertensión arterial resistente
medición de la presión arterial
adherencia al tratamiento
hipertensión secundaria
medicamentos antihipertensivos Hypertension Resistant to Conventional Therapy
Blood pressure measurement
Adherence to therapy
Secondary hypertension
Antihypertensive drugs

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Introduction: Resistant arterial hypertension is a common entity that is associated with cerebrovascular accident, coronary artery disease and mortality from all associated causes, being found in studies of disease burden in 1.5%, 2.1% and 1.6%, respectively and is also related to a deterioration of renal function.

Objective: It seeks to discuss the most important aspects of the disease, starting from the definition and pathophysiology, the criteria to achieve an early, specific diagnosis, using widely available studies and finally review the appropriate management.

Results: Multiple pathophysiological and genetic factors contribute to the development of resistant arterial hypertension. Therefore, it can have different clinical phenotypes, as well as different levels of response to antihypertensive treatment. But before choosing a specific pharmacological therapy, it is essential to make the diagnosis with a blood pressure measurement technique and appropriate conditions, ruling out the presence of pseudoresistance or secondary arterial hypertension.

Conclusion: The relationship between resistant arterial hypertension with major cardiovascular events and the development of comorbidities makes it necessary to emphasize its proper diagnosis and management by trained multidisciplinary personnel.
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