Clinical cases in osteoporosis


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Osteoporosis en el hombre
Inhibidores de aromatasa
Salud ósea Osteoporosis
Male osteoporosis
Aromatase inhibitors
Bone health

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Rivera Martínez, W. A., & Castaño Ceballos , P. A. . (2023). Clinical cases in osteoporosis. Interdisciplinary Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health, 5(2), e–9881. (Original work published December 30, 2022)


Introduction: Osteoporosis is defined as a “systemic disorder characterized by low bone mass and microarchitectural deterioration, with the consequent increase in bone fragility and greater susceptibility to fractures.

Objective: Present two cases of interest in the approach to osteoporosis, resolving the main questions that arise in their intervention.

Results: Initially, an elderly male is described who underwent diagnosis and management in the context of pathological fractures and later a postmenopausal female patient with a history of breast cancer under management with aromatase inhibitor and predisposition to associated fractures.

Conclusion: The decrease in bone quality in special populations such as men and women exposed to aromatase inhibitors requires, in order to prevent fractures, that risk factors and possible secondary causes be controlled from the beginning of follow-up. The initiation of antiresorptive/osteoformative management if indicated changes the prognosis of the disease and the outcomes.
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