Document written by the editors of the IJEPH or requested by the editorial team. This type of document may contain the editor's or guest's position on a particular topic or a commentary on an article included in the issue to be published.

Original research articles

These articles report original research studies that are relevant to public health. They should be written in a clear and coherent manner and contain the sections introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion and conclusions.


The journal accepts as reviews articles that follow a standardized methodology for this process. It should be indicated if it is a thematic review, systematic review or meta-analysis. The method used, the bases consulted, the inclusion criteria, the search descriptors, the Boolean equations, the period and the language should be described. A systematic review is characterized by a well-defined question, inclusion and exclusion criteria, systematic literature search and well-defined methods to synthesize the results of individual studies. A meta-analysis is defined as a systematic review that also includes statistical analyses on the results of individual studies. They should follow the PRISMA guidelines.

Scoping review

A document to summarize evidence from a broader review objective (usually poorly known and explored topics). It has a systematized methodology, similar to systematic reviews and contrary to the practice of narrative reviews. They can include all types of information. They should follow the PRISMA-ScR recommendations (

Review and case report

As this is a journal in epidemiology and public health, greater weight will be given to the literature review and the case report will be the basis or support for this review. It should contain a description of the case, the clinical treatment and the impact of this treatment.

Technology and health

These are articles that describe research or actions that impact the health of individuals or communities, where novel technologies or novel diagnostic aids or mobile applications are used. Evidence of health impact should be provided.

Policies and health

These are articles of opinion or research where public policies are evaluated and an impact on the population is demonstrated. They can also include laws, decrees or resolutions that demonstrate the impact that could or may occur when implemented.


It is an opinion article on a specific topic. It should be supported by scientific evidence and discussed according to the knowledge or experience of the authors.

Brief Policy

It is a document that synthesizes the evidence on a particular topic (focus on a single issue) of public policy that should contribute to increase the general awareness of the importance of a given health problem. They are documents that show evidence, conclusions and recommendations to address a specific problem to support decision making for the generation or application of health policies. They are short and very direct documents

Fact sheets

Letter to the editor

These are brief comments on material published in the journal, research advances that require urgent dissemination or a topic that may be of interest to the authors and that could not be published in the short article category.

Reflection articles

These are discussion articles with practical or research questions relevant to public health. It may suggest a new area or approach to research, prevention, practical implementation, or the possibilities for implementation of research results. Although the presentation format is more flexible, the approach should be critical and scientifically valid.


This section was created to promote humanism among researchers. The objective is the narration of the daily experiences that researchers, workers, health professionals have with communities, people or with themselves in the face of health events. It is an essay where the experiences, feelings, frustrations, achievements, joys, etc. in their professional work should be narrated.