Peer review

Articles submitted to IJEPH are peer-reviewed through the double-blind system and in accordance with the established principles for peer review of the ICMJE

The articles that the Editorial Committee considers comply with the editorial policy and the academic interest of the journal IJEPH are submitted to the peer review process. This process consists of:

1) First review. The editorial committee identifies whether the manuscript complies with the journal's policies and the publication guidelines established in the authors' guide (one to two weeks).

2) Second revision. Depending on the topic of the manuscript, a section editor evaluates the relevance, pertinence and depth of the manuscript, and defines whether to initiate peer review (one to two weeks).

3) Third review. The manuscript is sent to three peers for double-blind peer review. On average, more than 70% of the peer reviewers are from institutions other than the Universidad Libre (up to three months).

The decision can be: approved without changes, approved subject to minor changes, approved subject to major changes, rejected not publishable.

Any decision is communicated by mail to the corresponding author, through the journal's management system, within two to three months from the date the original is received. If the manuscript is accepted with minor or major changes, these must be sent within the period indicated by the journal.