Current view of Helicobacter pylori


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Helicobacter pylori
cáncer gástrico
microbiota Helicobacter pylori
gastric cancer

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Riveros Bermudez, S. D., Corredor-Rengifo , D., Talat , A., & Otero Regino, W. (2022). Current view of Helicobacter pylori. Interdisciplinary Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health, 5(2), e–9889.


Helicobacter pylori infects more than 50% of the world population and is the main risk factor associated with gastric cancer. The carcinogenic cascade and the factors widely related to itself, for which reason eradication therapies have had a significant impact on the incidence of this disease, achieving a more significant decrease in those populations without the presence of premalignant lesions, which conveyed great value to medical management as part of primary prevention of this oncological pathology. The therapies aimed at its eradication are not universal or unique and depend to a great extent on the local epidemiology and the molecular characteristics of the microorganism, for which the genetic susceptibility tests open an important path in the treatment of these diseases, taking into account that the population studies carried out internationally with a view to carrying out an appropriate treatment scheme lose validity in the absence of local knowledge about the disease and require more research in this regard. Taking into account the low availability of susceptibility tests and their non-cost-effectiveness, various lines of treatment have been implemented in H. pylori infection based on local resistance levels that allow guiding the appropriate pharmacological treatment for the disease. operated patient.
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