Impact of bedside ultrasonography on emergency department decision making


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insuficiencia respiratoria aguda
paro cardiovascular
CAUSE ultrasound
acute respiratory failure
cardiovascular arrest
Rapid Ultrasound in Shock
Bedside lung ultrasound in an emergency
Cardiac stop ultrasound examination

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kuratomi nakamura, kenyi, & Paredes Fernández , A. J. (2022). Impact of bedside ultrasonography on emergency department decision making. Interdisciplinary Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health, 5(2), e–9983.


Introduction: Ultrasound at the patient's bedside or POCUS (point of care ultrasound), is a strategy that has allowed non-expert physicians to integrate this technology in emergency services, critical care, and even general hospitalization rooms.

Objective: Provide a comprehensive and critical evaluation of the available literature on POCUS in the emergency department, understanding its strengths and the gaps in the current knowledge base regarding its utility in clinical practice.

Methods: A synopsis and review of the literature were carried out according to the paper presented at the Congress of the Colombian Association of Internal Medicine (ACMI) - Valle Chapter, Universidad Libre: "A multidisciplinary approach with a Latin American vision" on the 13th and 14th. May 2022.

Results: The use of POCUS in the emergency department through different protocols such as RUSH (Rapid Ultrasound in Shock), BLUE (Bedside lung ultrasound in an emergency), and CAUSE (Cardiac stop ultrasound examination) has shown an improvement in diagnostic accuracy, time to detection, and change in behaviors compared with the usual history and physical examination.

Conclusion: The POCUS is a valuable tool that allows for accelerating decision-making, improving diagnostic accuracy, explaining, and improving patient outcomes in emergency services.
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