¿ante los cambios en la demanda del dinero, ¿cuál es la respuesta apropiada del banco central?

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ZELMANOVITZ, L. (2018). ¿ante los cambios en la demanda del dinero, ¿cuál es la respuesta apropiada del banco central?. Criterio Libre, 8(13), 69–94. https://doi.org/10.18041/1900-0642/criteriolibre.2010v8n13.1244


This paper considers the question: - “In face of changes in the demand for money resulting from an increase in the risk perception by the economic agents, what are the proper actions the Central Bank should take?” as a starting point for a normative conclusion about the convenience of a monetary regime with a State monopoly of the money supply, forced legal tender and central bank versus the alternative of competitive money supply.



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