Social responsibility of the colombian smes before the globalization

Palabras clave

Responsabilidad social integral
sostenibilidad corporativa
tratados de libre comercio Integral social responsibility
corporate sustainability
globalization, treaties and international trade agreements Responsabilidade social integral
sustentabilidade corporativa, a globalização
os tratados e acordos internacionais de comércio Responsabilité sociale Intégrale
la durabilité des entreprises
la mondialisation, les traités et les accords commerciaux internationaux

Cómo citar

PALACIO SALAZAR, I. (2017). Social responsibility of the colombian smes before the globalization. Criterio Libre, 9(15), 155–172.


This article focuses on analyzing the situation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Colombia before the challenges that are coming for a series of treaties and international trade agreements under the premise that corporate social responsibility of companies & business people starts on the durability of themselves, due to the implications of the closure of companies have for different social and economic aggregates such as employment, exports, investment and contribution to National and Regional Domestic Product.


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